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Church History – Ecclesiology and the History of Christian Doctrine

Church History online video course Russell Richardson
Sauvie Island Community Church

Church History
Jude 3

This Course is Currently Under Development and is Not Yet Available.

This course will teach what the Bible says about the Church, as well as how the Church and its doctrines have developed over the centuries. It looks at the History, Theology, Nature and Ministry of the Church. The reading schedule includes books on the history of Christianity and the development of Christian Doctrine. Video sessions deal with Ecclesiology, the doctrine of the Church, the Scriptural ministry given to the Church, the history of the Church and the history of Christian Doctrine.

The goal of this course is to give you a clear understanding of your Christian heritage, the importance of the Church fulfilling the mission given to us and the importance of the church giving a Biblical and reasoned response to the issues the church has faced, and will face, in every age and in every culture.

Getting Started

This Course is Currently Under Development and is Not Yet Available.

Getting started is easy! Just take the below steps.
  1. Register for the course by completing the Online Registration Form. You will be emailed a copy of the form when finished. Present this form to your local pastor if you are taking a pastor-led course.
  2. Read the Course Syllabus (not yet available). Prepare for the course by purchasing the required text books.
  3. Download the Student Guide (not yet available). If attending a pastor-led course, the Student Guide and other course materials should be provided to you.
  4. Watch the Course Videos (not yet available). If attending a pastor-led class, you will be viewing the videos in class and participating in a classroom discussion. As a refresher, you can also watch these videos at home while you are doing your homework assignments.
  5. Use the Bible Study Tools provided, or use your own resources, to assist with your homework assignments.
  6. Complete a Student Evaluation Form when finished with the entire course. You should complete this form once per course whether you took the course on your own or with a pastor/mentor.


Course Content Is Under Development

Below are the related resources available for the Church History course. Please register prior to viewing the first video class. Registration and the course are free.

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