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New Testament - Culture, History, Background and Books

New Testament online video course Vernal Wilkinson
Doctor of Ministry (D. Min.)

New Testament
John 14:6

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This course is designed for students with a small amount of knowledge in New Testament history and background.

It requires no pre-requisite course work (although it is advised you should have already completed Bibliology, How To Study the Bible and Christian Doctrine and Systematic Theology before taking this course).

The course will provide you with the knowledge, skills and resources to prepare you to be a competent student and well-prepared teacher of the New Testament.

The New Testament is a treasure to the church. Opening this treasure for the church is the unique privilege of church leadership. It is the goal of this course to prepare church leaders to competently and confidently explain the New Testament in order that church life may be enriched and the Gospel clearly proclaimed in the world.

New Testament Course Objectives

The course will teach the backgrounds in culture, history, and geography for the New Testament and its individual books. It will systematically survey the content of the New Testament.

Anyone who aspires to teach from the New Testament or to represent its truth and validity, must address the question of reliability. The issue of reliability for biblical documents challenges the believer in the church and is an obstacle to unbelievers outside the church.

This course seeks to establish confidence in the reliability of our New Testament in the mind of the student through the following objectives:
  1. Read the entire New Testament, compiling a chapter by chapter summary of the contents as the reading takes place.
  2. Read the assigned course textbooks.
  3. Research and write a paper about an issue in the survey of the New Testament.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to solve problems in authorship, date, readership, or text by solving some problems with the help of various resources.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy! Just take the below steps.
  1. Register for the course by completing the Online Registration Form. You will be emailed a copy of the form when finished. Present this form to your local pastor if you are taking a pastor-led course.
  2. Read the Course Syllabus (pdf). Prepare for the course by purchasing the required text books.
  3. Download the Student Guide (pdf). If attending a pastor-led course, the Student Guide and other course materials should be provided to you.
  4. Watch the Course Videos. If attending a pastor-led class, you will be viewing the videos in class and participating in a classroom discussion. As a refresher, you can also watch these videos at home while you are doing your homework assignments.
  5. Use the Bible Study Tools provided, or use your own resources, to assist with your homework assignments.
  6. Complete a Student Evaluation Form when finished with the entire course. You should complete this form once per course whether you took the course on your own or with a pastor/mentor.