Contenders Discipleship Initiative

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Pastor Evaluation Form Of Student

Please Keep A copy of the Form for your Records

Contenders Discipleship Initiative uses a narrative evaluation approach rather than issuing grades during a student's course of study. A narrative evaluation is written feedback after the course that states what the student has learned during a period of study. The Contenders Discipleship Initiative narrative assessment consists of two written evaluations: one from you, the pastor/mentor for each student attending a course, and one that each student submits for each course.

You should address the student's understanding of the course material, completion of tasks or assignments, attendance and participation in discussion.

The student's evaluation summarizes the student's accomplishments while taking the course, any new understandings achieved, and goals for the future. We ask that you keep a copy of the Student Evaluation together with THIS Evaluation for each of your students in a student file. You will receive an e-mail copy generated by entering information on this form. If a student subsequently applies to Village Missions, that person will be required to submit copies of these evaluations for each of the courses taken.