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Equipping Christians for ministry within the local church


Contenders Discipleship Initiative (CDI) offers a tuition-free program of rigorous coursework combined with practical Christian Ministry that provides you with hands-on experience in every facet of church ministry from children's ministries to pulpit preaching.

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Contenders Discipleship Initiative is offered by Village Missions.
Village Missions exists to glorify Jesus Christ by developing spiritually vital churches in rural North America. Contenders Discipleship Initiative provides a tuition-free two-year Bible education available to all.


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CDI's six courses are available online as self-study or taught in churches by our pastor/mentors. Churches using the CDI program will typically offer courses on a quarterly basis: Fall, Winter, Spring. For students taking the courses at home, the program can be started at anytime.

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Registering in Contenders Discipleship Initiative's program is easy. Each time you take a course, fill out the Register Form on this website. Whether you take the courses at home or under the guidance of a pastor/mentor, this program is available to all.

Marie Fissori

Attending Contenders forced me to learn how to articulate my beliefs in a systematic and organized way. I was challenged to come up with a doctrinal statement that reflected what I believed personally and I was given the tools to study the word of God in-depth. The courses were a feast of spiritual knowledge and insight and the Holy Spirit used them to draw me into a closer relationship with Jesus as well as with other Christians. More Testimonialsquote marks

Marie Fissori
Machias Community Church
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Serve Jesus

A Village Missionary integrates the life of the church into the community so that the church becomes an important spiritual influence in the area.
Is God calling you to this vital approach to ministry?

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Equip the saints

Contenders Discipleship Initiative involves equipping the saints and mentoring future shepherds.
Our program has equal emphasis on both Mentoring and Biblical Education.

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Village Missions

Village Missions exists to glorify Jesus Christ by developing spiritually vital churches in rural North America. Village Missions serves more than 230 communities.

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Course Catalog

Contenders Bible School is currently divided into six courses. Pastors teaching the program typically offer courses on a quarterly basis over a two-year period. For self-study, a course can begin at anytime.

Course Catalog