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Becoming a Pastor for Village Missions

Requirements for becoming a pastor for Village MissionsBeing a missionary/pastor is a unique approach to ministry. This ministry combines the missionary call with the call to the pastorate.

A Village Missionary integrates the life of the church into the community so that the church becomes an important spiritual influence in the area.

Is God calling you to this vital approach to ministry?

Education requirements for those seeking appointment as Village Missionaries under Village Missions are completing the coursework outlined in Contenders Discipleship Initiative program or a diploma or degree from a Bible school, Bible College, or Seminary.

Village Missions serves more than 230 rural communities throughout North America. Our aim is to provide a Christ-centered community church program capable of involving the entire population of a local community with worship services, personal contacts in homes, Sunday schools, home and group Bible studies, special youth and adult activities, vacation Bible schools, and other activities.

Village Missions places full-time spiritually qualified missionary leadership at the invitation of local rural communities and supports that leadership through prayer, financial and other logistical assistance. Village Missions exists to glorify Jesus Christ by developing spiritually vital churches in rural North America.

Service Qualifications

The Village Missionary position is the most important and primary position in the entire mission. It is imperative that we have individuals of the highest caliber of ethical integrity and Biblical preparation serving in this capacity.

  • The Village Missionary candidate must give clear evidence of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and have a practice of personal Bible study, prayer and demonstration of dedication and spiritual maturity.
  • The Village Missionary candidate must be a married or a single male. If married, the wife must share the call and desire. The Missionary wife is an integral part of the ministry of Village Missions. The contribution she makes as a missionary to the cause of Christ is incalculable. She is to work alongside her husband to complete a Missionary team.
  • A divorce-free history for both husband and wife is required.
  • The Village Missionary candidate exhibits a servant attitude in both the church and community where he serves. The applicant should be gifted and have the desire to both communicate the gospel and equip those under his care to grow in their knowledge of Christ in order to carry out the Great Commission through the Great Commandment.
  • The Village Missionary should be a self-starter and is expected to initiate and maintain an active, effective, program of evangelism and corporate worship services.
  • The Village Missionary candidate is to exhibit the highest degree of integrity and honesty, as well as having a willingness to come under the authority and policies of Village Missions.
  • The Village Missionary candidate is responsible for raising some minimum funds for the ministry to which they will be assigned. These funds help offset the cost of providing a leadership to the church.
  • The Village Missionary candidate must be able to show legal authorization to work in the US or Canada, and if in the US, participation in the US Social Security program (not having opted out for ministry reasons).


Contenders Discipleship Iniatitive

In joining Village Missions you will be aligning with an organization that recruits, equips, sends, and supports missionary/pastors in Keeping Country Churches Alive.

Qualified Leadership

Village Missions values the placement of full-time, spiritually qualified missionary leadership by invitation of the local people as the primary means of developing spiritually vital churches.

Since this is a pastoral ministry, training in pastoral studies is highly recommended.

Ministry and life experience may be granted in lieu of some academics, provided there is evidence of effective ministry.

The amount of credit will be determined on an individual basis.

For more information, contact us.