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Using Internet Tools to Study the Bible

printer-friendly bible study tools on the web
These Internet Bible study tools will help you complete the assignments contained within the CDI courses. Here are a few to help you get started.

Bible Hub
Bible Hub features multiple Bible versions, topical, Greek and Hebrew study tools.

Precept Austin
Precept Austin features multiple Bible versions, Bible studies, Greek study tools, plus commentaries.

Blue Letter Bible
Blue Letter Bible features multiple Bible versions, study tools, commentaries, reference materials, and outlines.

Bible Gateway
Bible Gateway features multiple Bible versions, search and devotionals.

YouVersion is available for your phone, tablet and computer.

BibleStudyTools offers a variety of tools.

Bible Software

Links for software you can download onto your device
Free software to download:
eSword features multiple Bible versions, Scripture and Strong's tooltips, a reference library and audio sermons.

Software for sale:
eSword for your iPad
Logos Bible Software for PC or MAC