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Promotional Material FOR CDI Program

Click Here to Download the CDI PowerPoint Prsentation Use the materials on this page to help promote the Contenders Discipleship Initiative (CDI) program.

The CDI is a free two-year Bible education program offered by Village Missions to equip Christians for ministry within their local church and to prepare those who are called for full-time ministry as missionary pastors.

The flyers available will help you promote the CDI program. Click on a picture below to download or e-mail a specific flyer (PDF format). To view flyers, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.

Contenders Discipleship Initiative Flyers
CDI flyer BibleCDI flyer sheep CDI flyer pewCDI flyer study

Bibliology, How to Study the Bible Flyers
Bibliology flyer God-breathedBibliology flyer JesusBibliology flyer booksBibliology flyer scroll

Christian Doctrine Flyers
Christian Doctrine flyer praryerChristian Doctrine flyer women prayerChristian Doctrine flyer man prayerChristian Doctrine flyer stones

New Testament Flyers
New Testament flyer cupNew Testament flyer Jesus New Testament flyer The WayNew Testament flyer communion

Download Our Resources

Download the CDI PowerPoint presentation to show during Sunday services or print or e-mail our CDI program Brochure (PDF format).

Ways to Promote Your Next Class

Once you have decided to teach this program and have begun to make the necessary contacts to your church and in the larger community, you are ready to set a date for your training and to promote your class start date.  You will need to announce this information not just once, but several times to ensure you get the information out.

Start announcing your next class at least one to two months in advance.

Encourage your congregation to help spread the word.

If your community has local media with calendar listings, write a press release. A press release is usually an e-mail or printed information presented in logical order that answers who, what, when where, why and how.

Announce the course in your church bulletin.

Post flyers in your church and other places you have access to in your community to announce the next class.

Enlist your congregation to help create posters or signs.

Hand out or e-mail brochures.

If you have a church website, Facebook page, blog, or other social media site, add a few lines about your next class, when it is and how to register. If you have testimonials from past participants, add those as well.

Use the PowerPoint presentation on this page as a starting point and create a promotional message to use during your Sunday announcements.

Contact Us
Pastors, if you would like to discuss additional promotional ideas, please contact us.

Pastor/Mentor Flyers
Pastor/Mentor flyer chalkboardPastor/Mentor flyer pastors