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Getting Started With Contenders Discipleship Initiative

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Welcome Students

Contenders Discipleship Initiative welcomes its new and returning students to its two-year program of Bible study and Christian education.

The Biblical component is a rigorous but compact curriculum delivered in six courses. The mentoring component is provided by a pastor/mentor. Successful completion of the Contenders Discipleship Initiative program satisfies the educational requirements of Village Missions for missionary applicants.

The CDI program is available to anyone interested in pursuing a Bible education.

If you like to leave feedback about CDI, go to our Feedback form. Or if you have any questions, please contact us.

Follow Our Easy Step-by-Step Instructions

Review the Course Catalog

View our Course Catalog and see what courses the CDI offers. The CDI courses are meant to be taken in order. The first course is Bibliology, How to Study the Bible.

Register For Each Course

Register for each course. The CDI director will locate a pastor/mentor (if possible) in your area.

Read the Syllabus

Read the syllabus to find the names of the assigned text books. You can then order them in advance of your class. The course syllabus also outlines the learning requirements for the course.

Attend Class

Your pastor will contact you regarding the class schedule. All pastor-led classes will include discussions, review of the videos (which are included on this site), assignments, open book/open note quizzes to assess knowledge and of course, fellowship. Class schedule is determined by the area pastor. Time to complete the course is also determined by the pastor.

NOTE: For those who elect to study at home, you can start at any time and go at your own pace. If studying on your own, you should download both the Student's and Instructor's Guide. The Student's Guide allows you to follow along with the videos and take notes, while the Instructor's Guide contains detailed instructions and the answers to quizzes.

Write a Self-Evaluation

When finished with an entire course, please fill out a self-evaluation. You will need to do this for each couse you complete. If you wish to pursue a career in the ministry, you will be asked to provide each of these evaluations at a later date.

Resources for CDI Students

Below are the related resources availables. Before taking a course, please first fill out the Course Registration Form for each course. The courses are free.
Study Tools
General Information