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Teaching Tips

Pastor Resources Available On The Contenders Discipleship Initiative Website
Several resources are available on this website to assist you in teaching the CDI courses.

They include:
1. Videos: Each course has a series of videos. The classroom videos will be no more than 15 hours worth of instruction and are divided into modules or sessions. Each session contains learning objectives and a review. Many videos contain stopping points during the video where the video's instructor has suggested discussion points. Of course, you as the pastor/mentor can pause the video anywhere along the way to tailor you own discussion points as your students may have questions during class time.

2. Instructor's and Student's Guides: The guides are available in PDF format and require Adobe Reader. Download a copy of the Instructor's Guide at least one month before class begins so you can become familiar with the material. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader. Download copies of the Student's Guide at least one week prior to the first class to have copies printed and ready to go.

You will find all of these materials in the resources section associated with each course on this website.
The Instructor's Guide will help you with the following: how to study the bible

Gain familiarity with the program - Reviewing this guide is a convenient way to familiarize yourself with the curriculum.

Prepare lessons - Prior to class, use the guide as a resource for preparing your lesson plan.  It will provide you with objectives, syllabus, instructions, notes, activities, and reviews as you teach the class.  Also available is an Excel lesson planner that lists each video segment along with its learning objectives, video running time and other special notes. You can optionally use this spreadsheet to help plan your individual lessons to augment the video courseware.

Utilize worksheets -
The Instructor's Guide includes activity worksheets which allow your students to apply what they have just learned. A teacher’s copy of each worksheet, including answers and hints, follows the student's worksheet.

Extend or modify lessons -
The guide features suggested teaching tips. Use these tips to extend or modify the unit objectives to best meet the needs of your students. You may also want to utilize the Lesson Planner that accompanies each course. It lists the name of each video class, the time, the learning objectives, any reviews, assignments or quizzes for each session.

Assess progress -
This guide includes a final quiz that students can use to test their knowledge.

3. Registration Form: Direct your students to this online Registration Form and have them fill it out prior to class. Have your students print or e-mail you a copy of the form as well. A copy of the registration form is sent to the student for their records. You will need to be sure to fill out the online Class Report (see below).

4. Pastor Registration Form: Please fill out the Pastor Registration prior to the beginning of class to alert the CDI program director that you plan on teaching a class, the time the class will begin, the expected number of students and any resources you may require. A copy is sent to the director and you will also receive an e-mail copy. Fill this form out even if you are mentoring one or two students. It is important to for Village Missions to know about everyone going through the CDI program.

5. Evaluation Forms: (Both Student Evaluation and Pastor Evaluation). At the end of the class you and your student will fill out an evaluation form. Contenders Discipleship Initiative uses a narrative assessment approach rather than issuing grades during a student's course of study. A narrative evaluation is written feedback after the course that states what a student has learned during a period of study. We ask that you keep a copy of the Student Evaluation together with your Pastor Evaluation for each course in the student's file. Students who subsequently apply to Village Missions will be required to submit copies of these evaluations to Village Missions for each course taken.

Getting the Message Out

Using a Variety of Methods of ANNOUNCING a new class offering
Once you have decided to teach this program to your congregation, you will need to set the date of your class. Please inform the CDI director by using the Pastor Registration that you are beginning a class so that CDI personnel can direct interested students, who may be registering via the website, to your class.

People will attend this class for different reasons.  Some people will want to learn more about their faith, others feel called to become missionaries, while others might not yet be members of your church and are looking for a way to join.  What a blessing it is to serve them all.

Remember to take advantage of the media outlets available, local newspapers, community bulletin boards, social media, of course your own church resources such as your website and bulletins to announce when and where your next class offering.

Visit the CDI promotional materials page to find a variety of flyers, PowerPoint slides and a brochure that will help you explain the CDI program to others.
CDI Brochure