Frank and Lynn Puffer

The opportunity to attend Contenders Bible School came at a time when I had given up on being able to get a Bible education. Each school I applied to was either too expensive or impractical since we had five children.

The logistics, finances, etc, seemed insurmountable. That changed when we moved from Georgia to Washington State and started attending Machias Community Church. MCC had an in-house two-year Bible School. This was very encouraging! My wife and I were both able to take classes beginning in the Fall of 1998.

After completion of our studies at Contenders we began serving with Village Missions. We have used the Contenders curriculum in our ministry to train others how to rightly divide the Word of truth. Contenders is a practical course, it is hard work, but doable and very rewarding. The education we received has given us confidence in our calling as Village Missionaries as well as being a great benefit in our personal Spiritual growth.