Student Evaluation

Student Evaluation

Ron Sallee

Dear local instructor,

Contenders Discipleship Initiative uses a Narrative Evaluation approach rather than issuing a grade following a student’s course of study. The narrative evaluation is a written assessment of each student that summarizes how the student performed and what they learned in the course taken.

The CDI Narrative Evaluation consists of two written assessments: one from you, the local instructor for each student attending a course, and a self-evaluation completed by the student.

You will find it helpful in filling out the Student Evaluation to have previewed this form and then during the course take notes concerning each student’s progress.

In your evaluation of each student you should address the student’s understanding of the course material, completion of tasks and assignments, attendance and participation in discussion.

You will receive an email copy generated by entering information on this form for your own records. The information will also be added to the student’s CDI record by our Learning Management System along with the student’s own self-evaluation for the course.

Thank you for being a part of the CDI equipping ministry! Your Student Evaluations at the completion of each course are important parts of your student’s record. Your evaluations and their own Student Self-Evaluations will comprise their CDI Narrative Evaluation.

God bless,
Ron Sallee
Village Missions CDI Director

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