Christian Doctrine and Systematic Theology

Christian Doctrine and Systematic Theology

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the major doctrines of the Bible, putting them in the context of a systematic theology.  The ‘Target model’ approach helps students to differentiate between doctrines to die for, doctrines to defend, doctrines to discuss and doctrines to dismiss.

44 Lessons

Course Objectives

Upon completing this course you will be able to write out your own statement of faith. You will know what you believe and why you believe it. You will also be able to understand the legitimate differences Christians have as well as being able to identify that which is truly heresy.

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Introduction to Christian Doctrine and Systematic Theology, Session 1, Part 1

Where Doctrines Originate: Session 1, Part 2

The Doctrine of Theology: Session 1, Part 3

The Essence and Attributes of God: Session 2, Part 1

The Nature of God: Session 2, Part 2

The Trinity: Session 2, Part 3

Christology: The Pre-incarnate Christ: Session 3, Part 1

Christology: The Nature of the Incarnation: Session 3, Part 2

Implications of the Cross: Session 3, Part 3

The Resurrection and Ascension: Session 3, Part 4

Pneumatology: The Holy Spirit: Session 4, Part 1

The Works of the Spirit: Session 4, Part 2

Pneumatology: The Fruit of the Spirit: Session 4, Part 3

The Eternal Decrees of God: Session 5, Part 1

Creation: Session 5, Part 2

Alternate Views of Creation: Session 5, Part 3

Angelology: The Doctrine of Angels: Session 6, Part 1

Angelology: The Role of Angels: Session 6, Part 2

Angelology: Satan and The Fallen Angels: Session 6, Part 3

Anthropology: The Image of God: Session 7, Part 1

Anthropology: The Nature of Man: Session 7, Part 2

Anthropology: The Fall of Man: Session 7, Part 3

Hamartialiogy: The Doctrine of Sin: Session 8, Part 1

Hamartialiogy: The Imputation of Sin: Session 8, Part 2

Hamartialiogy: Total Depravity: Session 8, Part 3

Soterialogy: Elements of Salvation: Session 9, Part 1

Soterialogy: Mechanics of Salvation: Session 9, Part 2

Soterialogy: Election and Predestination: Session 9, Part 3

Soterialogy: Regeneration and Justification: Session 10, Part 1

Soterialogy: Sanctification: Session 10, Part 2

Soterialogy: Assurance of Salvation: Session 10, Part 3

Ecclesiology: The Doctrine of The Church: Session 11, Part 1

Ecclesiology: The Mission of The Church: Session 11, Part 2

Ecclesiology: Church Organization and Gov.: Session 11, Part 3

Ecclesiology: Church Ordinances and Discipline: Session 11, Part 4

Eschatology: The Doctrine of Hell: Session 12, Part 1

Eschatology: The Doctrine of Heaven: Session 12, Part 2

Eschatology: The Second Coming: Session 12, Part 3

Eschatology: The 70 Weeks Prophecy: Session 12, Part 4

Eschatology: The End According to Jesus: Session 13, Part 1

Eschatology: Rapture Doctrine: Session 13, Part 2

Eschatology: Resurrection: Session 13, Part 3

Eschatology: Devine Judgement: Session 13, Part 4

The Bibliography: Session 14