Marie Fissori

Attending Contenders forced me to learn how to articulate my beliefs in a systematic and organized way. I was challenged to come up with a doctrinal statement that reflected what I believed personally and I was given the tools to study the word of God in-depth.

The courses were a feast of spiritual knowledge and insight and the Holy Spirit used them to draw me into a closer relationship with Jesus as well as with other Christians. From the rules of hermeneutics to the mysteries of eschatology, the courses gave me the confidence to evangelize from an informed and firm position.

I know what I believe and why I believe it and am certain that I can explain my beliefs in a competent manner. It’s important to me to study to show myself an approved worker who is not only well-grounded in the Bible and filled with the Holy Spirit but also able to handle the Word correctly. Attending Contenders has indeed equipped me to do the work of the ministry. I praise God for the opportunity to take these courses and the privilege of learning alongside so many future pastors and fellow believers. I encourage anyone who is curious or wants to solidify their own theology to take the classes and be blessed!